Heckman, Ink Case Studies

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped customers reduce costs and improve profits with Marketing Services and Workflow Efficiency Improvement:

VetCentric Postcard: (national award winner) We replaced a cumbersome in-house direct mail program with an automated digitally printed variable data postcard.  The results were amazing!  The new piece generated a 14% sustained response rate and increased the client’s revenues by $400,000.00 annually. Some interesting details: Each piece looks like it came from the customer’s veterinarian (collateral support).  Previously the client printed an expensive 8 1/2” x 14” renewal notice and inserted it into a 6” x 9” custom window envelope.  The old process required 2 workers 3 days to complete.  The new postcard required a weekly 10 minute data upload. The postage savings alone paid for the entire cost of our new program!

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Godiva Chocolates: We combined a picking ticket, picking labels, a packing slip, a gift card, a shipping label, and 3 pieces of marketing collateral into one ingenious form / label combination.  During one Valentines Day holiday pack event, over 3 million pieces of documentation were eliminated, and over 1500 man-hours of labor were saved.

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Recorded Books: This was a Client Conversion piece and utilized just one known preference, that is, the book that the client had purchased from a retail store.  The use of imagery defined the preference and associated potential interests.  Our piece increased the client’s response rate (conversion rate) from 1/2 of 1% to 7 1/2%, a 1500% increase! See Our Work!
SunSail: What a gorgeous direct mail piece!  We designed this piece to reference the customer’s name on an image from their trip to inspire a re-booking and it worked incredibly well.  We timed the mail drop so the piece was in their mailbox when they returned from their trip, with wonderful, fresh memories.  Bookings increased 10%!  Some interesting details: This was another cumbersome in-house process that took two workers two days to complete.  We changed that to a five minute data file upload once per week. See Our Work!

Innovative Approaches:

Playtex Apparel: We designed a custom packing list envelopes to shave 15 seconds off assembly of each shipping case.  The result? 8,000 man-hours of labor saved!


Kraft Foods: We converted a multi-part continuous Purchase Order Form to a single ply.  The benefit? File cabinets in Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Receiving / Inventory became obsolete! Through workflow analysis, we designed a paperless system with no changes to software or accounting systems.  Playtex Products immediately adopted the same system, and SAP, a world-famous ERP software company rolled out our design nationwide!

If you’ve ever wondered if there might be a better way to do things, just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss some solutions!